JVC DLA-SH7NLG (dual) Lamp | PK-L3310U-SET EAN

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PK-L3310U-SET – Genuine JVC Lamp for the DLA-SH7NLG (dual) projector model PK-L3310U-SET

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JVC DLA-SH7NLG (dual) Projector Lamp | PK-L3310U-SET

Projector PK-L3310U-SET – Genuine JVC Lamp for the DLA-SH7NLG (dual) projector model EAN

OEM Lamps

Avoid touching the naked bulb with bare hands as body oil left on the lamp may cause it to overheat. This may provoke an explosion.

How to remove spent lamp from your  JVC DLA-SH7NLG (dual) projector :

Ensure the projector is switched off using the power button
Only disconnect the power cable after using the on/off button to power down the projector.
Allow the machine to cool down for a few minutes before removing the lamp. 5 – 10 minutes should be sufficient
Remove the lamp cover by unscrewing the screw that restrains it. Usually one or two screws.
Loosen the screws that fasten the lamp to the chassis. Usually 2 or three screws.
Pull out the lamp using the handle or by inserting your finger in the grove on the lamp chassis.

Next step.

Using a light brush or vacuum, clean the empty lamp bay of accumulated dust and soots.
Insert the new lamp in the open lamp bay and fasten the restraining screws.
Place the lamp bay cover and fasten the screw as well.
Reconnect the power cable
Using either the remote control or the power button on the front panel, switch on the projector.

Make sure you keep the air filters clean by vacuuming off dust at least once every 6 months.
Do not create vibrations or move the lamp when it is warm – it’s very fragile.
On projectors with hi/eco mode use the eco mode by default

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