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A number of issues can lead to dull, dimmed, discolouration or blotches on the display of an LCD projector. The discoloration may leave the machine with yellowish color, pinkish or greenish colour. Also dark patches, shimering characters on display etc.

These anomalies at times could be so very bad as to render the machine unusable. We offer repair service for these issues

  • LCD Projector Repair -damaged lenses either due to accumulation of dust inside the lenses assembly
  • Burnt to one or more of the LCD panels
  • Burnt or broken Dichroic mirror and Dichroic combiner cube.
  • Non functioning Input Ports Repair
  • Broken input and exhaust fans leading to projector burnouts


Free assessments and quotes for your projector repair needs. After the assessment of your projector, we will quote for the repair. The repair of your projector will only commence upon confirmation from you else we will return your machine at no cost. Compare our quotes with other repair companies and you will find that we are lead in the market. Our warranty period is also longer than the competitors.


We receive scores of projectors for repair on weekly basis. From collection to repair, delivery to warranty, all our operation are smooth. We use Kanbanflow system and we will keep in constant contact with you with updates about your repairs from when we collect your projector till it is returned and beyond


Have you more that one projector to repair? Or you wish to trade in your broken projector for a new one from us? Yes. we offer generous repair discount for clients with regular needs and for those looking to buy a new or one of our refurbished projectors. Call us or visit our online shop for all your projector requirements.

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