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Discolouration, Dull or Blotches on Projected Image

Discolouration Dull or Blotches on Projected Image

A number of issues can lead to dull, dimmed, discolouration or blotches on projected images. The discoloration may leave the machine with yellow color, pink or green colour. Causative factors are namely;

  • Damaged lens either due to accumulation of dust inside the lens assembly [ DLP, LCD & LCOS Projectors]
  • Damaged lens due to wear and tear [ DLP, LCD & LCOS Projectors]
  • Burnt to one or more of the LCD panels. [LCD Projectors]
  • Burnt of Collimating Lens and Polarizer [LCD & LCOS Projectors]
  • Burnt of Condenser Lens and DMD Board. [DLP & LCOS]
  • Dots or spots on projected images [ Laser, LCOS and DLP projectors]

Lenses are sealed devices and once they fail, they have to be replaced. Also LCD panels assembly can be replaced whole  or by individual segment where possible.

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